Frequently Asked Questions

a) What are the controls? Check out The Rep manual.

b) Where do I download the software for the Rep Pedal? The software is linked in a shipping confirmation email you will receive once you have purchased the pedal. If you have purchased the Rep and cannot locate your software download instructions, just request a link by emailing us at

c) I’m having issues getting the Rep Pedal up and running. Why isn’t it working? The Rep Pedal works with a Chrome Extension which needs to be downloaded prior to use. If you’re having trouble downloading the extension, check out the troubleshooting guide here.

d) Compatibility Currently the only browser we support is Google Chrome via a USB connection. If you have a late model PC or Mac without a USB port, you can easily connect the Rep to your computer using a USB adapter.

e) Does it work on iPad or tablet? The Rep Pedal works with any device that can support Google Chrome extensions such as PC & Mac Desktop computers and Laptops but does not work with the iPad or iPhone. This is because iOS does not support the use of desktop browser extensions like Chrome. However Google’s Chromebook tablet is compatible because it supports the use of Chrome desktop extensions. You will need a USB adapter to connect the Rep to this device.

f) Does it work on mobile? Currently, no, unless your device has a USB input. But we are considering developing a Rep pedal that uses USB C and bluetooth.

g) Does it work on platforms other than Youtube or Vimeo? We have recently added support for the Kajabi platform used by Marty Music for his subscription series! We are actively working on compatibility with other popular video formats such as Quicktime and VLC. Please join our emailing list to get notified when we update the pedal with new features and format compatibility!

h) Do you ship internationally? Outside of the US, we are now shipping to Canada, the European Union, United Kingdom, Australia & New Zealand.

i) Can I only use The Rep to learn guitar? Of course not! The Rep is useful for anyone learning with videos whose hands are occupied.

j) Why does my video freeze when I press “loop”? If you are paused while you press loop, you risk setting a loop start and end point on the exact same time stamp, and the video will not move forward until you clear the loop by pressing “loop” again or holding “play” to clear settings.

k) How do I check which version of the Chrome extension is downloaded? You can check the version number by opening your Chrome browser and clicking on the small “UD” icon in the upper right hand of your browser window, just next to the url window. Click once on the icon, then scroll down and click on “Manage Extensions”. Select the Rep extension and find the version number. The current version is: 1.3.2. If you do not have this version installed, click “Update” in the upper left hand portion of the window. Then restart your computer and see if this fixes the issue.

l) How do I remove the UD extension from Chrome? To do this, open your Chrome browser and click on the small “UD” icon in the upper right hand of your browser window, just next to the url window, then scroll down to “Remove from Chrome”.

More questions? Please contact us so we can help you out, and update our FAQ.