What are the controls? Check out our manual here!

How does this thing work? The pedal connects to your computer via USB, and then interfaces with a Chrome extension that you can download after you order the REP.

Where do I download the software for the Rep Pedal? The software is linked in a shipping confirmation email you will receive once you have purchased the pedal.

Does it work on platforms other than Youtube or Vimeo? Currently, no, but we are working on providing downloads that allow users to use the Rep Pedal on platforms like Truefire, Jamplay, Quicktime, and Spotify. Join our emailing list to get notified when we update the pedal with exciting features like the ones mentioned above!

Do you ship internationally? Currently, the only country outside of the U.S. that we ship to is Canada. But we recognize that there is a lot of international interest, and we are looking into getting distributors internationally but are currently keeping it to the U.S.

Will it ever go out of date? Based on the technologies that the Rep pedal uses, this should not be a problem. We are able to remotely update the online extension software, so once you have the pedal, it should work for the foreseeable future!

Does it work on tablet? The Rep Pedal works with any device that can support Chrome extensions, and has a USB input, so for tablets, it is a case-by-case basis.

Does it work on mobile? Currently, no, unless your device has a USB input. But we are considering developing a Rep pedal that uses USB C and bluetooth, so this is definitely a possibility in the future.

Can I only use the Rep to learn guitar? Of course not! The Rep is useful for anyone learning with videos whose hands are occupied.

Why does my video freeze when I press “loop”? If you are paused while you press loop, you risk setting a loop start and end point on the exact same time stamp, and the video will not move forward until you clear the loop by pressing “loop” again or holding “play” to clear settings.

More questions? Please contact us here so we can help you out, and update our FAQ.