Welcome to UD Pedals, home of the Rep Pedal. UD is a family owned and operated company of musicians. We are self taught guitarists who learned by watching YouTube videos, but were frustrated by constantly having to grab the mouse to control the video. That’s why we invented the Rep Pedal.

Have you ever watched a guitar video and wanted to stop or pause it, but didn’t want to break the flow by taking your hands off your instrument?  We know that musicians, and especially guitarists, need both hands on their instruments to practice. The hands free Rep pedal was our answer to make it easier to learn your favorite solo or song.

With the Rep Pedal you can easily choose a section of video and loop it. With fast sections of music that were never before possible to learn, you can slow down the video to three different speeds to make transcribing and learning easier than ever before. You’ll never have to take your hands off your instrument because with the tap of your toe, you  have the video under your control. 

We hope you enjoy the ease and practicality of the Rep pedal. Let us know how your learning journey with the Rep Pedal is going! Contact us